Our standard maintenance plan includes:

  • Weekly adjustment of fall surfaces
  • 48 weekly trips to adjust the fall surfacing of all equipment on the playground.
  • Weekly inspection of all equipment
  • 48 weekly inspections of all equipment
  • Equipment repair
  • All equipment kept in serviceable condition
  • One annual pressure-washing of all equipment
  • All equipment pressure-washed and sealed annually
  • Inclement weather repair of playground and equipment
  • Any damage caused by severe weather will be repaired and equipment returned to serviceable condition.
  • 10% discount on future improvements
  • Any future improvements to the playground will receive a discount of 10% on labor charges.
  • 24-hour hazard removal/repair
  • Should a hazard occur on the playground (severe weather or equipment failure), the hazard will be removed within 24 hours of notification.
  • Equipment/material replacement
  • The equivalent of 2 monthly payments in equipment and material replacement will be provided.

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